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#30- Witchcraft, Demons, and Lady Gaga, OH MY!

In this weeks episode, We take the piss out of crazy Christians and right wing conspiracy theorist. We discuss: Story #1 – Super Bowl Magic Story #2 – Sedition In Our Ranks Story #3 – Trump Exercises Witches Story #4… Continue Reading →

The Great debate Between Atheism & Theism

#025- Will The Real Jordan Peterson Please Stand UP!

In this week’s episode: We interview Terry Sacrey of the Atheists of Newfoundland and Labrador Facebook Page. We discuss Canadian Politics & Jordan Peterson. Interview: Terry Sacrey facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terry.sacrey facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2348548208/ Plus we discuss: Story #1 – The reasons… Continue Reading →

#021- The Virus – How Religious Thinking is Destroying Civilization

WE ARE BACK!!! It has been a long 25 days since we posted a show. From computer mishaps to illness, conspired against us putting forward a show. We would like to thank you, our listeners, who stood by us and… Continue Reading →

#020- Atheist on Fire Lights Us Up!

This week we feature an interview with Forrest Jordan, host of the Atheist on Fire Podcast. We discuss the Exorcist Pastor & David “Avocado” Wolfe. Atheist on Fire is a new podcast that is a must to check out! Check… Continue Reading →

#019 – John Sheehan Unleashed

(Note: Due to some technical issues, the audio quality is a bit rough. We apologize to you our listeners & our Guest for this.) This week we feature an interview with John Sheehan, a Newfoundland Comedian & atheist. We discuss… Continue Reading →

#018 – Cupping with Professor Stephen

Professor Stephen from the Atheists on Air Podcast joins us. We tackle woo this week: health supplements, vitamins, diets, weight loss, and cupping, a woo practice recently highlighted by champion Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. We also give our thoughts on… Continue Reading →

#014 – The Thomas Smith Invasion

This week we have a bonus feature – an interview with Thomas Smith, the host of the Atheistically Speaking Podcast, Thomas & the Bible Podcast, and the Comedy Shoeshine Podcast. We also discuss the importance of being a part of… Continue Reading →

#010 Mike Smith from Poorly Summarized

In this week’s episode, we have talk with Mike Smith, from the Poorly Summarized Podcast. We explore his unique perspective on Mormonism, and we discuss Scientology. Interview w/ Mike Smith from Poorly Summarized Podcast http://poorlysummarized.com/ Story #1- Crazy Mormon Beliefs… Continue Reading →

#009 Enter Cognitive Dissonance (Bonus)

In this week’s episode, we have talk with Tom & Cecil from the Cognitive Dissonance Podcast! Being huge fans of the show, our hosts get a little fanboyish (if that is even a word). ***Note: due to a mishap with… Continue Reading →

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